Our Wines

Château Fleur La Mothe covers a total surface area of 13 hectares in Saint Yzans du Médoc.

On the heights above the Garonne, most of the plots are on the gravel, quartz and coarse sand soils that are characteristic of the great Médoc vineyards and produce fine, racy wines.

The original feature of the estate is that it also has some plots of vines on clay soils where the Merlot variety can express itself to the full, producing fruity wines with smooth tannins.

This natural alchemy combines with human skill and labour to produce wines of great complexity.

Genesis of the Project

For almost 20 years, Antoine Medeville, Henri Boyer and Edouard Massie served as consultant oenologists to many Bordeaux châteaux, many of them among the most prestigious.

It was therefore only natural that they should want to make their own wine. They joined forces to buy and rehabilitate this old estate that was a Cru Bourgeois in 1932.

Their common objective was to make a wine that any enlightened wine-lover would be proud to have in his cellar.