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Henri Boyer Antoine Medeville Edouard Massie

Henri Boyer
Graduate of Bordeaux Oenology Faculty

The vine specialist, with an uncompromising eye on the vine-growing techniques to ensure well-balanced vegetation growth on each plot: you have to make the vine “suffer” a little bit if you want it to produce its very best grapes.

Antoine Medeville
Graduate of Bordeaux Oenology Faculty

A consultant for clients all over the Médoc in the art of assessing grape ripeness. Perfectly ripe grapes are the key to getting those outstanding fruit flavours and rounded tannins.

Edouard Massie
Graduate of Bordeaux Oenology Faculty

Provides a keen eye on vinification and extraction to get the very best out of the grapes and craft a well-balanced wine of great finesse.

3 wine specialists of Château Fleur La Mothe

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